Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chapter Ten - Remember Bridgeport

 "Elliot and Mei have decided to move back to Sunset Valley, and I decided that it's in out best interest that we move back with them. Having my daughter get kidnapped by a criminal mastermind and having someone I look on as a son of my own being forced to fight for his life, I hope you can see where I'm coming from."

"We understand."

"Our flight leaves tonight, so do whatever you wish until then, I've already packed your bags. But please, please, PLEASE..." 

"...whatever you do, please don't cause any explosions or set yourselves on fire. Is that too much to ask? A peaceful, nice, last day in Bridgeport?" 

"After what we've been through, mom, I can't make any promises." Annabelle said sarcastically. "But we'll try." 

Tom and Annabelle left the house and walked around town, using the subway to get around quicker. Eventually they stopped at the beach and looked at the damaged Plasma 501, still smoking after the explosion the night before.
Tom and Annabelle enjoyed their time outside, finally being able to have some breathing room after hearing the two good bits of news:

Jack Toomes turned himself into the police, raving like a lunatic saying he saw and alien, and Deacon Jones was being guarded in his hospital room after evidence of his collaboration with The Benefactor came to light. With no real sense of danger to be had, Tom and Annabelle were able to have peace.
After a few moments of quiet, Annabelle and Tom heard three distinct voices approach them, and turned to see John, Scarlett, and Kelly as they walked down towards the beach as well. Rather than leave for a quieter place, Tom and Annabelle decided to stay and join their little group. 

Later on, the five sat around a fire pit, roasting marshmallows and sharing stories of their lives in Bridgeport. After a short deliberation, and bringing up the subjects of corrupt millionaire teenagers and ruthless supervillains, they came up to one conclusion: It sucked.

  "I can't say if I'll miss this place." John said. "I liked the city atmosphere but the whole being beaten up by a snobby piece of sh-I mean, Deacon."

"Well, I don't know about you, but I liked the clubs." Scarlett said. "Who knows, maybe in the five years we've been gone, Sunset Valley added some clubs and places for us teens to hang out at. I for one would love to party party party."

"As long as Deacon and Jack Toomes are behind bars, I guess I will join you cous." Tom said. "I wonder how long Jack was preparing for his plans, you said yourself Kelly that the 'Dr. Vu' mentioned a Benefactor."

"I don't know. I don't even know if Toomes was the Benefactor in the first place, at least Vu's Benefactor. Some things don't add up. Like how did he know about Annabelle to begin with? Why did he wait so long since the meteor shower to finally begin? Like I said, it doesn't add up. I have a bad feeling about returning to Sunset Valley."

"Well, whatever we encounter in that town, we'll do it together." Annabelle said. "

Late on, Tom and Annabelle walked over to a different part of the beach to talk privately. 

"Well, I do believe that our Bridgeport Days will go down in history as being completely insane, and quite frankly, I can't imagine a better person to have shared that history than my best friend of all time."

"Me neither, Tom."

"So if we do face down another villain like Toomes, you're going to fight them okay? I think I filled my quota for a lifetime."

"How about we trade off?"

"Sounds good."

"But something deeply worries me, Annabelle. I am so afraid that the moment we step in Sunset Valley, I'm going to lose you, I'm afraid I will lose track of you completely." 

"What are you talking about? You'll never lose me again. At least I don't think."

 "Well think about the nature of Sunset Valley! All those brightly colored trees, bushes, and fields... how am I supposed to see you in all that green?"



  1. Ahhh! I just LOVE Tom he is so funny!

  2. He just HAD to go and make a green joke when they were having a moment, didn't he? I feel like Annie's thinking "Getting real sick of your shit, Tom," in that last screenshot lol.